Chantelle Paige

Why should you be selected?

In all honesty, I probably shouldn’t. There are so many women, like Global Girlfriend’s founder, who have not only had a voice to empower women but actually acted on it. I strive to one day have not only a vocal impact, but a physical one, like them, as well!

What are your greatest professional accomplishments?

Signing to a major label, Interscope Records, and touring Europe. It was my dream from a young age, and my biggest accomplishment because of the amount of hard work it took. I was lucky to be surrounded by stand up men, but I am very proud of the fact that I was confident and strong when it was otherwise. The music industry is a VERY hard one, and it was and always will be one of my greatest accomplishments.

What are your greatest personal accomplishments?

Marrying my high school sweetheart, May 12 2018 😉 We broke up for years between, but reconnected and are now about to tie the knot. He is the best partner for life, uplifting, always pushing me to be my best self, and I just feel incredibly lucky to have his love daily.


What work have you done to promote women’s empowerment?

I love working with female owned companies! From Dazey LA to Bulletin (which is a brick and mortar for all female founded companies) I LOVE me a good female founded brand! Aside from that, I have a larger audience on, which tends to be a lot more of a younger demographic. My goal there is to constantly let girls know that they are beautiful inside, and that kindness conquers all.

What is it about Purse for the People that you find inspiring?

Their love of the forest and their love for females! The fact that they are doing a #gratitude4thegoddess shows how loving their hearts are.

What does the #gratitude4thegoddess movement mean to you?

Love. It means women supporting and uplifting other women, which is how it should always be.

What work have you done to promote sustainable living or environmental justice?

I became a pig mama. I own a pet pig 🙂 They are SO unbelievably sweet and smart, and I love having people I meet say they will no longer eat pig products after meeting my little piggy.




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