Karissa Frye

Why should you be selected?

There is nothing more inspiring to me than inspiring others, which is why it is the focus of my work and art. I have owned my own professional business for the last two years, since graduating college. I work primarily in the outdoor industry and take big strides to positively impact people, as well as the environment. I love being a woman and I believe that in solidarity, we can soar!

What are your greatest professional accomplishments?

I am currently filming a documentary in my home state of Montana about how our local community protects our lands by being strong, loud and proud. We will be entering the film in festivals next fall. I also am proud of the work I have done with done outdoor brands like The North Face, Adidas and many more.

What are your greatest personal accomplishments?

I consider my greatest personal accomplishment to be starting my own business and hitting the road without looking back!

What work have you done to promote women’s empowerment?

In my photography and writing, I have focused on covering badass women from all over the world. The women I have met in the outdoor industry are incredibly strong and motivated. They share this with everyone they encounter, and my goal is to capture that for a bigger audience.

What is it about Purse for the People that you find inspiring?

Purse for the People highlights unique products for unique women. It is inspiring that Purse for the People promotes being an individual and being unapologetically you.

What does the #gratitude4thegoddess movement mean to you?

This is the coolest movement I have heard of and I can’t explain the gratitude I felt when I was nominated! My goal is to inspire and create confidence within our community, and this movement is a great way to get people recognizing that it is vital to us to spread the love.

What work have you done to promote sustainable living or environmental justice?

My current documentary about environmental impacts in the wilderness and speaking up to protect lands, along with many articles that can be found on my website.



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