Kasi Martin

Why should you be selected?

I am honored to be considered for this and feel that I should be selected because I’ve devoted my business to transforming fashion for good. After working in the luxury sector and seeing the consumer waste and human rights violations in the industry, I decide to change it on my own terms, through writing and advocacy. I use my training in investigative journalism to research issues in fashion and write guide and optinions on The Peahen as well as featuring and styling ethical brands. I also act as a community organizer in Austin, Texas where I advocate for ethical brands. I spearheaded two successful Fashion Revolution events here and just founded a collective for consumers and brands called The Conscious Crowd. I believe the way to transform fashion is through a patient and inclusive conversation and work that includes writing, talking and relationship-building. As such I have spoken on numerous panels including South by Southwest, TEDx and the Fair Trade Federation conference. I hope that my passion will ignite change in the industry and that ethical fashion becomes the new normal.

What are your greatest professional accomplishments?

Giving a TEDx talk on ethical fashion at a financial services firm where no one had heard of the concept. I was able to sway hearts and minds that were previously unaware of the issues in fashion and slowed their consumption habits and approach to dressing. To, seeing this tangible change among a group I wouldnt have assumed would care was both moving and motivating.


What are your greatest personal accomplishments?

Learning my personal habits and need for self care and rest. In the past I have overworked myself to the point of exhaustion and today I take on task in a more tempered way. Saying no to protect the vital work that I want to continue to do. I also am very proud that I have channeled my emotions into poetry and I’m currently compiling a book.

What work have you done to promote women’s empowerment?

I hire mostly women interns and freelancers for my side business. I’m a member of 3 women’s organizations and a feminist book club in Austin. All of the writing I do in ethical fashion space tends to focus on women’s empowerment (as 80% of garment workers are female) and I’ve published multiple guides on artisan and female helmed brands. I’ve also collaborated with indie female-owned zines in Austin, doing free styling and creative direction for them. Every opportunity I get I collaborate and sing the praises of other women creatives.


What is it about Purse for the People that you find inspiring?

That you’re not only an ethical brand but you allow for customization. I think that’s super neat! When consumers are able to have input to the design I think they keep it longer. So you’re ethically produced and you’re encouraging longevity of the product. That really resonates with me

What does the #gratitude4thegoddess movement mean to you?

It means living in a way that feeds your soul, feeds others souls and doesn’t deplete the Earth (our goddess numerous uno!)


What work have you done to promote sustainable living or environmental justice?

I believe that I covered this in a lot of my other answers, but I promote sustainable living in all of my written content. I’m also really proud of the messaging that I have created. I’ve studied social change communication and when it comes to things like sustainability I think it’s important to maintain a positive tone to shift consumer sentiment. If not the message falls flat. So I try to be uplifting and inspiring across my blog, social media and speeches. One point of feedback that I’ve heard is that ethical clothes are very expensive. I didn’t want this pain point to deter from the movement so I started curating second-hand and vintage and launched a new business for that last year to make sustainable shopping more accessible to the masses. That’s a particular point of pride for me and something I love to do.

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